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Welcome to Corporate Speaker Agency (CSA), the new speaker division of Corporate Entertainment Agency (CEA).  Over the past couple of years, we have hired keynote speakers for Intel, Google, Fujitsu 5, Nestle’, Microsoft; the list goes on and on. We would love to hear from you and try and get you speaking engagements for wonderful clients like these.

Seven years ago, we started our business offering entertainment for corporate events, and we have grown to be one of the busiest agencies in the world, with offices in Las Vegas and London ( ). In response to our clients’ continued requests for keynote speakers, we decided to develop a dedicated website for speakers.

Our sales team needs as many details as possible about who you are and what you talk about to sell you effectively. There are no costs to you to be represented by our bureau. We would be representing you non-exclusively, so you are still free to work with any other of your favourite bureaus. We will try and sell you to our existing and any new clients and then add our percentage commission onto whatever fee you charge us. We will always contact you first to get a quote before quoting the client.

If you can fill out the form below with as much information as possible, we will do our best to make you look great on the shiny new website, which is coming soon! Also, please supply us with up to date headshots, photos and videos (preferably not ones from the 1980s, the more recent, the better.) We look forward to working with you very soon!

Angela Carriero
Corporate Entertainment Agency Inc. & Corporate Entertainment Agency Ltd.

New Speaker Submission

Fee guide bracket for a local event or one that is a short flight away (max 2 hours) - This is just a guide; we won't hold you to this but keep in mind if you put yourself into the wrong fee band, you may miss out on being put into proposals for clients as we will think you'll be out of their budget range.

Fee guide

Introduction key points - Please write 3 short sentences to give the client an idea of who you are, what you do, and what you speak about, like an elevator pitch synopsis, about 100 words approximately for this section would be ideal.

Topic Descriptions - Please write about the topics you speak about and the benefits delegates will take away from hearing you speak. The more detailed the better - 300+ words preferably but as much as you can. The more information we have about what you do the better.

Biography Section - Write your speaker biography about who you are, what you have accomplished and why you are a speaker. - again preferably around 300 words approx to get a good overview but can be as long as you like. The more information the better.
Head shot profile photo - as square as possible please - (minimum resolution 512x512px)
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Select all Topics/Categories that apply to you.

If you have a Motivational/Inspirational quote that is associated with you then we will use this quote when promoting you and your image with artwork and graphics on the website and social media posts as well as advert graphics.

For example;

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein

You give us permission to use your photos and video on our website and social media with the purpose to promote you? Please tick

If you would prefer to send all the details in a word document then you can download the form by clicking here.

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